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Men’s 2s 2 - 0 Bromley & Beckenham 1s (H)

20th November 2023

By Dave 'Beanhead' Bartram

After a long journey to Ipswich and the disappointment of only gaining a point, the Men’s 2nd XI were determined to get a good session in on Tuesday to prepare for a home fixture against Bromley and Beckenham 1st XI on the Saturday.

Scott Evans was the MVP during Tuesday’s session. Not only did he hit a lovely Kookaburra for six, his inner teacher came out and demanded people listen to the rules and regulations of the exercise (he wasn’t at all mad). The standards were set and the boys were ready for a tough fixture.

On the Saturday itself, the pressure was on. The Men’s 3s continued their fine form with another draw 1-1 against Wapping and the Women’s 1s were dominant just before against Clifton Robbies, so it was important not to let the club down in the late game. Caspar was 'late' for the meet time (no surprises there), Dewi almost broke his back as he stacked it in the foyer and Willie moaned at Rhys for impersonating Scott Jones during the team talk.

The game started and Brombecks produced most of the chances early on, but Dewi was there to save the day on numerous occasions. Caspar ‘not a ghost’, bulldozed his way through four or five sticks and smashed the ball past the Brombecks keeper to put the home side up. Huge celebrations were conducted, more because it was the fifth outfield goal scored this season to keep coach Frankie happy.

Jonny ‘Yoda’ Gall was sensational on the ball showing his class, Doidgey chucked a squarial, Willie scored an unbelievable goal from the half way line and Jack Hobkirk enjoyed turning people inside out. Redders was trying to score from as close to the baseline as possible, Scotty was trying to hold it in and Beaumont was yelling abuse at the umpires, Surby players and Brombecks players.

Beanhead had a good spell of mistrapping everything that was sent his way, including slipping in front of the opposition goalkeeper in a one versus one, which ultimately along with Shoegate earned him DOD (more of that later).

Caspar skinned another few players and won Surbiton a penalty stroke. Doidge, who has been haunted by the last stroke he took that looked very much like Harry Kane’s penalty in the World Cup, overcame his fear and calmly slotted the ball into the bottom corner to lead the game 2-0.

The game finished and three points were secured. Whilst in the shower, some horrible team mates decided it would be funny to rummage through Beanhead’s bag and steal his boat shoes. This meant he attended the POM and DOD ceremony in bare feet, where he was tormented with names like ‘Frodo Baggins’.

If anyone has seen a pair of boat shoes, one with a lace and one without, they belong to me and I would very much like them returned.

Anyway, Jack was voted POM because he is better than Haspall and not as cocky and Beanhead DOD because he’s a victim of bullying.

Overall, a positive performance, second clean sheet in a row at home. Next week the Men’s 2s face Wimbledon away in an evening game at Raynes Park High School, where we will look to derail the local neighbours from their winning run of three on the bounce.