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Team Contacts


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Team Contact
Ladies 1s Tony Jones (manager)
Ladies 2s Jill Shahbo (manager)
Ladies 3s Anna Gavino (manager)
Ladies 4s Carole Date Chong (captain)
Ladies 5s Emily Hughes (captain)
Sparks Sarah Trimble (manager)
Ladies 6s Lily Craigen (captain)
Ladies 7s Leah Rosendahl (co-captain)
Ladies 8s Louise Seddon (captain)
Ladies 9s Kerrie Gordon (captain)
Sirens Tracey House (manager/captain)


Team Contact
Men's 1s Matt Jones (manager)
Men's 2s Glyn Jones (admin manager)
Men's 3s Glyn Jones (admin manager)
Men's 3As Glyn Jones (admin manager)
Men's 4s Barney Christopher (captain)
Men's 5s Rory Hogan (captain)
Men's 6s James Draper (captain)
Sparticans Simon Fitch (team contact)
Cobras James Hamper (captain)
Mongooses Greg Gaulstaun (captain)
Magnets Mark Waller (captain)
Vintage Paddy Tripp (captain)
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