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We are indebted to an incredible number of people who volunteer their time to help organise umpires and officiate SHC games every weekend. You're in the right place to find out more about SHC umpire development and how to get involved...

Click here to read the SHC Umpire Development Plan!

Your Umpiring Journey

There's plenty of information below on how you can become more involved in umpiring and develop your skills with the whistle. Please contact the SHC Umpiring Team with any questions.

1. Start or continue on the Umpiring Pathway

Click on the headings below to find out more about how you can develop your umpiring through online learning and support from our SHC Umpiring team. 

Visit the England Hockey 'Hockey Hub' page - you will be required to register when first logging on.

The website has a host of supporting information and optional modules in addition to the elements detailed under the other headings below.

The online Rules Test is a required precursor to the Level One Course. Click here to take the test

This course replaces the theory part of the in-person Level One Course.  It is led online with participants working in collaboration.

  • Click here for information on online Umpiring Courses
  • Book Your Umpiring Course here

Many experienced players may well feel confident enough to umpire after completing the online course above and following the other optional material.

However, experienced club umpires Ian Wyatt, Andy Parker and Simon Aldous are also offering:

  • To give some practical tips while watching a game from the sidelines
  • To watch and chat through a game umpired by first time umpires.

This is simply aimed at helping build confidence and build good habits. If you would like to take advantage, then please contact the SHC Umpiring Team

The senior teams are fortunate to have Helen coordinating umpires on a Saturday. We would be delighted to have more volunteers - please email to get involved. Games will be arranged to suit your level of experience and your preferences.

For juniors, umpiring is organised between Liselle, Will, Frankie and parent managers.  We are hoping we can now add to the pool of available umpires. Junior games are a great way to gain experience.

2. Volunteer!

Are you keen and available to umpire a club game? Please contact the SHC Umpiring Team to volunteer for a game!