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Women’s 4s 2 - 4 West Hampstead 1s (A)

20th November 2023

By Sian Craze

Surbiton Women’s 4s set off with the bare 11 to Brent Cross a the top of the table clash against West Hampstead 1s. It was meant to be ten but I was rudely dragged out my sick bed after an injured (possibly hungover) Strachan was unable to be the eleventh player. 

All arrived safe and sound and after changing room basketball, a toilet incident and the horror of a missing gum shield (Luca you’re a hero, my teeth are in your debt). We made our way to the litter strewn, leaf covered, not big enough run off for the goals to be in the correct place pitch (boy we don’t realise how lucky we are at Surby!).

We were off to a cracking start with Rowan opening the scoring on her W4 debut - after some great team build up she smashed the ball home!  There was some other play that happened and we finished the first half at 1-1. 

A great team performance in the second half saw us make it 2-2 from a Sav tomahawk. We held them till the last 16 minutes at 2-2. We know this because we attempted to bribe the umpire with beer to make it two minutes instead but sadly had no joy even after raising it to a jug and shots! We conceded two more goals from two short corners. 

Well played all! It was always going to be a tough game against top of the league but with 10.5 players it was a big ask. Well played you bunch of legends. 

POM: Nat - wore it on the knee like a trooper running 1 and nothing stopped her the whole game! 

DOD: Sian - which I thought was harsh given I had planned to be in bed all day! For forgetting my gum shield.