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Colts Schedule: Sunday 16th January 2022

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Please note that all fixtures are subject to change. Dawn Parry ( or your team's Parent Manager is the best source of the latest information about Colts fixtures

Meet Time

Session Time Age Group / Team Venue
Saturday N/A Boys U16 - National Indoor Finals  
8.20am 8.30am - 9.30am Mixed U8 vs Wimbledon SHC
8.30am 9.15am pushback Girls U16 Rangers vs Wimbledon Reed's
8.50am 9 - 10.30am Boys U10 vs OGs KGS
9am 9.30 - 11am Girls U10 Yr 5 SHC
N/A 10am Boys U18 - National Indoor Finals Wolverhampton
N/A 10am Girls U18 - National Indoor Finals Wolverhampton
10am 10.45am pushback Girls U12 Panthers vs Sunbury St Pauls College
10am 10.45am pushback Girls U14 Swans vs Wayfarers B Kings House Sports Ground
10am 10.45am pushback Boys U14 Scorpions vs Ashford Reed's
10am 10.30am - 12pm Boys U12 Dev vs Sevenoaks KGS
10.30am 11.15am pushback Girls U14 Swallows vs Ashford Ashford HC
10.30am 11am - 12.30pm Girls U10 Yr 4 SHC
10.50am 11am - 12.30pm Girls U12 Yellow  SHC
11.30am 12.15pm pushback Boys U12 Marlins vs Sevenoaks KGS
11.30am 12.15pm pushback Girls U16 Pioneers vs Knole Park Reed's
11.30am 12.15pm pushback Boys U14 Seals vs Canterbury Polo Farm
12.15pm 1pm pushback Girls U16 Rovers vs Barnes Barnes HC
12.20pm 12.30 - 2pm Girls U12 Red SHC
12.45pm 1.30pm pushback Boys U14 Stoats vs Eastcote Eastcote HC
1pm 1.45pm pushback Boys U16 Sharks vs Ashford KGS
1pm 1.45pm pushback Girls U14 Doves vs Girls U14 Eagles [internal] Reed's
1pm 1.45pm pushback Boys U16 Huskies vs Wayfarers A Kings House Sports Ground
1.30pm 2.15pm pushback Girls U12 Tigers vs Spencer SHC
1.30pm 2.15pm pushback Boys U16 Coyotes vs Southgate Southgate HC
2.30pm 3.15pm pushback Girls U16 Voyagers vs OCs KGS
2.30pm 3.15pm pushback Girls U14 Hawks vs Boys U14 Spiders [internal] Reed's
3pm 3.45pm pushback Girls U18 Jays vs Spencer SHC
3pm 3.45pm pushback Girls U14 Ospreys vs Wimbledon RHPS
4.30pm 5.15pm pushback Girls U14 Wrens vs Wimbledon RHPS
4.50pm 5 - 6.30pm Girls U16 Explorers [internal] SHC
4.50pm 5 - 6.30pm Girls U14 Magpies [internal] SHC


Home Venue Details for External Sites

Kingston Grammar School Reed's School

Address: KGS Sports Ground, Ditton Field, Summer Road, Thames Ditton, KT7 0RD

Address: Sandy Lane, Cobham, KT11 2ES
No dogs allowed on site
No smoking
Spectators welcome
No dogs allowed
No smoking
Observe the 10mph speed limit
Enter the school and follow the signs directing you to the pitches, which are near the indoor cricket centre. There is limited parking so please use the main car park or the middle car park and walk to the pitches if full
Spectator should remain outside the cage next to the pitches and should not wander around the site
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