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New season will commence for Colts on the week of Monday 5th September 2016.


new…..new…..new…..SUMMER HOCKEY 2016…..register now…..register now…..

The summer term hockey (12 weeks of training and game play) can be booked at an additional cost.  It is not included in the annual membership subscription.  The timetable for the Summer Term Hockey is:

The programme will commence on Monday 18th April and run through until Sunday 10th July.

U16/U18 Elite Performance Boys: Tuesdays (8 – 9.30pm) & Sunday Gametime (5.30 – 7pm).  By invitation  £191.50

U16/U18 Elite Performance Girls: Thursdays (7.30 – 9pm) & Sunday Gametime (5.30 – 7pm).  By invitation   £191.50

 U14/U16 Boys:  Wednesdays  (6 – 7.30pm) & Sunday Gametime (4 – 5.30pm).  £191.50

U14 Boys Performance:  Mondays (7.30 – 9pm) & Sunday Gametime (5.30 – 7pm).   By invitation  £191.50

U14/U16 Girls:  Wednesdays (6 – 7.30pm) & Sunday Gametime (12.30 – 2pm).  £191.50

U14 Girls Performance:  Mondays (6 – 7.30pm) & Sunday Gametime (11am – 12.30pm).  By invitation. £191.50

U12 Boys:  Fridays (6 – 7.30pm) & Sunday Gametime (4 – 5.30pm).  £191.50

U12 Girls:  Thursdays (6 – 7.30pm) & Sunday Gametime (11am – 12.30pm).  £191.50

U12 Girls Performance:  Fridays (7 – 8.30pm) & Sunday Gametime (12.30 – 2pm).   By invitation. £191.50

 U9/U10 Boys:     Mondays (6 – 7.30pm) & Sunday Gametime (9 – 10am).  £161.50

U9/U10 Girls:   Thursdays (6 – 7.30pm) & Sunday Gametime (10 – 11am). £161.50

U7/U8 Mixed:  Tuesdays (6 – 7pm) & Sunday Gametime (9 – 10am).  £121.50

Details are on your membership database page.  Members are able to sign up and pay for the sessions via their online account.   

To do this, enter via the SHC website’s membership pages as  normal; use your usual login  details (username is your email; request a new password if you can’t recall yours).  Click on the PAYMENT tab at the top of the page, scroll through and then select the Summer Hockey option that is relevant to you.  You can then pay using the links.  There is no discount for paying via the SHC bank account, so this is the simplest way.  Note:  If you decide to pay by bank transfer, please ensure that you still log into your account to register your child for the summer hockey group – otherwise their name may be missed!

If you find that you haven’t got a selection allocated, or it would appear to be incorrect, the please let us know (membership@surbitonhc.com or speak to Will).   If you wish just to do one session per week (Performance groups – mandatory 2 sessions), please contact me so I can adjust the amount due.

Non members are welcome too, but they must register with the club for a temporary summer term membership before they can be allocated to a hockey group.  Please tell your friends!


 Colts’ Regular 2016/17  Training Timetable  (September until March).

Please note that this may be subject to alternation before September.

Sundays 8.45 – 10am               Junior Academy ( Year 4 and below)

Sundays 10am onwards        Colts matches or training games for all squads

Monday 6.00 – 7.30pm            Girls U14 Performance,  Boys U14  Performance,

Tuesday 6.00 – 7.30pm           Boys U16 (all),  Girls U16, Junior Goalkeepers

Wednesday 6.00 – 7.30pm     Girls U14 , Boys U14 (all), Senior Goalkeepers

Thursday 6.00 – 7.30pm         Girls U12, Girls U18 Dev, Girls U16/U18 Performance

Fridays 6.00 – 7.30pm   *        Girls U10 (year 5)

Friday 6.30 – 8.00pm    *         Boys U10 (yr 5), Boys U12 (all),

Fridays 7.00 – 8.30pm   *       Girls U12 Performance

* Please note staggered pitch times for Friday evenings.  This allows more space for the large amount of children training.

With the exception of the Junior Academy (school year 4 and below) who only train on Sundays, all outfield Colts (school year 5 and above)  are expected to attend a weekly technical coaching session for 1-1.5 hours. During this time, the coaching content is delivered from the Colts’ coaching syllabus prepared by the Club’s Director of Hockey. Actual delivery is carried out by a team of qualified coaches, supported by international players. Colts are taught in squads. Generally the session comprises teaching of a specific technical skill, finishing with a game related to that skill.

Separate sessions are organised for training goal keepers.

We endeavour to meet our own policy of maintaining a ratio of twelve Colts to every one coach. This may be altered by the Director of Colts, Will Fulker, in consultation with the Colt and their parents.

Other pitches used by SHC Colts:

 The postcode for KGS Finlay Pitch (Summer Road, Thames Ditton) is KT7 0RD.

The postcode for Reeds School (Sandy Lane, Cobham) is KT11 2ES.

 If you have any queries about the training schedule and which group your child should be attending then please contact Will Fulker by email:   william.fulker@gmail.com


For the Sunday schedule – which is updated weekly during the season, please go to the  COLTS FIXTURES page of this website and click on the link for Sunday schedules.

The intention for the Sunday one-hour sessions is to play a game that may be a League/Cup/Friendly match against another Club side at home or away. Junior players tend to play mini hockey at 7-a-side, whereas the older ages are exposed to 11-a-side. If no external game is available we often arrange an internal game during which coaching tips may be provided.

With the expansion of the Colts’ section an extra pitch off-site (the “Finlay Pitch“) has been acquired for matches so allowing a more expansive programme of matches and training. Click here to view a map and directions to the Finlay Pitch.  We are now also using the pitch at Reeds School on Sunday mornings.

Please check the Fixtures section of the website for a weekly update on the weekend training schedule as the Sunday timetable below is for general guidance only and will vary according to when a match may be scheduled.